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Radix Ltd. offers translating and interpreting services in the following business fields:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial and Legal Documents
  • Industrial and Technical Documentation
  • Media-Related Translating
  • Computer software
  • Websites and Internet
  • Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Air Transportation and Tourism
  • Cultural and Private Correspondence
  • University or School Diplomas and Other Personal Documents. Legalization.

  • Translating

    In very special translating cases we work with a contact person from the assigning organization.

  • If necessary, we carry out comprehensive consulting to achieve terminological accuracy.
  • Translating is being performed by specialists in the respective field.

  • Interpreting

    Usually Radix Ltd. performs two kinds of interpreting

  • The first kind is active conversational (consecutive) interpreting used for business meetings or company visits by groups of people or individuals. For this kind of interpreting we do not need any special technical preparation but only specification of the topics.

  • The second kind of interpreting (simultaneous) is used during seminars, conferences, presentations, etc. It requires special technical preparation and specification not only of the topics but also of the preliminarily prepared speeches and reports.

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